Parents Afraid of Flying with Children

Parents do not worry, we have a great guide to help you make trips with your little ones memorable, special and fun. Read about Princess Mayas Adventures as a Baby flying far far away to exciting new places Pop in your Email for Family Travel Tips Email Address

Baby Flying with Single Parent

I was flying with my mummy on Emirates to Dubai, on a very big plane. The cabin crew were so nice, they welcomed me on board and fussed over me which made my mummy happy, as daddy was working in the office, he couldn’t come with us. I felt sad leaving him at the airport….

My First Time in a Airport

My first ever big trip was a double leg longhaul flight to India, I was exactly 2 months old. And a bundle of happiness. My mummy, was worried about travelling with me at such a young age. But the nurse said I was in great form and good to go, so I showed my daddy…

Welcome to My Baby Travel Blog

Hello and a big baby hug to you my lovely little reader. My name is Maya. My friends mummies call me the Air Baby because I travel sooo much. I feel very lucky to go on so many adventures with my family. I have visited 19 countries, stayed in over 40 hotels and flown on 23…