Top 3 Kids Travel Books

Take a look at Mayas travels around the world, visiting  19 countries and exploring what exciting things babies, toddlers and children can do there. Staying and baby rating over 40 hotels and flying on 23 airplanes! All before her first birthday. Little Princess Mayas blog hopes to help mummies and daddies take their little treasures away on holiday and have  a great time together as a family.


Top 3 Travel Books for 3 to 9 year olds

one floating pink baloon               Princess Ellie’s Summer Vacation

Princess Ellie loves to ride her horse. She takes an adventure to the sea side together with her favorite pony and has fun along the way. 12th in the series by Diana Kimpton, Princess Ellies Summer vacation is a brilliant follow up to the excellent  The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde. If you only have room for one book, at 130 pages it makes for a good choice to distract early school children on a long flight. But younger toddlers would prefer more variety and shorter stories.


2-single-number-inflatable Princess Posey and the Crazy Lazy Vacation

A fun for all the family book, perfect for reading to a little group of prechoolers before they drift off to sleep on the red eye flight you so cleverly booked, knowing Princess Posey would give them sweet dreams. Exciting holiday at home, lazy vacation Princess Posey enjoys pancakes for dinner, a fun filled sleepover with her friends, and a brilliant new balance bike. Stephanie Roth Sisson has done a stunning job on the illustrations, which make this book an excellent, if short lived, distraction for cute little babies too.


3-single-number-inflatable    The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation

The Princess in Black is taking a styling trip too the sea side, when to her dismay she hears a roar on the beach, the rumble of a monster with big blue fur. How can such a mean monster ruin her perfect day enjoying the sun and sand. Featuring the goat avenger, this story is a great read to a little girl or boy.

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First Time Flying? 

If it is your childs first time flying, we would recommend the book First Experiences Going on a Plane as it gives children the confidence to take their first flight, in a fun way. A brilliant book for any little one, we bought it for our kindle for a few dollars and Maya still likes us to read the story to her, she has good memories of this book and her trips. Suitable for a wide age range of 1 to 8. Click the name above to see the reviews on Amazon.


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