Baby Flying with Single Parent

I was flying with my mummy on Emirates to Dubai, on a very big plane. The cabin crew were so nice, they welcomed me on board and fussed over me which made my mummy happy, as daddy was working in the office, he couldn’t come with us. I felt sad leaving him at the airport. After helping mummy with my bag, a pretty Emirates air hostess took my photo with an instant camera and gave it to my mummy so I could remember my first big trip.

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I loved the extra room we were given at the front of the plane and the free cot they provided for me was sooo comfy, the lady had the bassinet ready for us and we were let on the plane first, to get settled before everybody followed. It was great fun being on a plane with lots and lots of people to pull faces at and make me giggle.

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As I was only 2 months old, my mummy needed to stretch her legs, the nurse said she had to wear flight socks from a chemist, especially as we were flying so soon after giving birth. The flight socks were really thick and not like the cheap ones you find in supermarkets, she said they were uncomfortable but we didn’t hear any deep vein trombones, so they must have worked. I became a little fussy when taking off, my mummy gave me a dummy to suck on which helped my ears a lot.

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After take off mummy put me in my baby chest carrier and walked me down the plane. I loved seeing all the people, most were sleeping as we were flying at night, daddy said sleepy time was the best time to bring a baby on a plane. The engine noise was very relaxing, it was like being in mummies tummy again and I fell asleep before we made it back to our seat.

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I made a little mess after dinner, the Emirates cabin lady looking after us was very good and immediately changed the little pillow and sheet in the cot. She was funny, she made silly faces at me while my mummy changed her cardigan before we settled down again to watch some cartoons on the nice big TV just for me, before we knew it we were coming in to land. I was feeling hungry so mummy gave me one last feed before we landed which helped with my ears popping.