My First Time in a Airport

My first ever big trip was a double leg longhaul flight to India, I was exactly 2 months old. And a bundle of happiness.

My mummy, was worried about travelling with me at such a young age. But the nurse said I was in great form and good to go, so I showed my daddy which clothes to pack for me and made sure he put my favorite teddy bear in to my brand new princess Trunki suitcase.

vacation princess

We arrived at the airport nice and early, 3 hours before take off, which was good going because we had to stop on the way to change my nappy. The people at the airport were very very friendly and let my mummy take me through the priority security line, for Free. Missing a big queue of fed up grown ups.


My comfy Silvercross pram and my car seat were put with mummies suitcase in the tummy of the plane, for Free, when we checked in with the nice Emirates lady who spent the whole time smiling and cooing at me. I liked her a lot. The airport was very very big, so after security my mummy put me in one of the Free airport pushchairs, it was nice and new and looked just like the travel pram my daddy was going to buy from Amazon.


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